I love art. and craft. I love it so much.

I had gone to the Sunday Soul Sante this weekend, and came back all smiley-smiley, happy-happy. It was paradise for me.

I saw so many colors, came across so many interesting ideas and people. There was liveliness and celebration. I saw so much prettiness. so much glamor. I saw so many people who have not given up on their dreams and are taking up their hobbies to higher levels. Kudos!

Did you know?

Did you know that cockroaches shed their skin too ??

I had once noticed, in our bathroom, a dozen or so small white creatures around a brown cockroach (their mum). That time, I thought - “Achaa!! Cockroaches are born white, and gradually gain the brown color”.
Thin, just yesterday I saw, again, in our kitchen, on the side a coffee-mug, a cockroach and something white moving on one of its side. I look carefully, and saw that it was actually a white cockroach shedding its brown exoskeleton!!

I also found a video on youtube, incase you’re interested:


Love me do

Everyone wants the same old things in life. It has been the like this since ages. We may pretend to believe otherwise. We may say differently. But *that* is just talk- peer pressure; pressure to perform and shine.

Rat race- this race will take us to death.

Everyone wants to settle down with someone who loves and adores them. It is really true- how we fight for independence and freedom all the time, but later, our only wish is to be accepted by the one we love.

That’s all.


I hate news channels telecasting the same news over and over again, all throughout the day. It is mostly a 15 min update, and then multiple people reacting to it and calling each other names. (“Pimp”, “Yeda”, etc). I don’t like this quick-world type breaking news.

Thousands of people across the county have opinions on each other – and broadcasting only their retorts on each others’ comments really does not make sense (on a 24hr News Channel). They should not get into the infinite “kriya-pratikyira” loop.

Journalism should be well researched and nicely written. Sometimes I see newspaper headlines and breaking news written in such a way that the facts are correct, but the context seems completely-off the truth. For eg: “Rahul ready to take on PM candidature” when all he said was that we would agree to whatever role was offered to him by the INC. “AAP HERO: CONG ZERO” – Sounds like AAP won all seats and Congress none – and no mention of BJP!

 Reading a well-written, well-researched article is everyone’s pleasure!